RFID & BLE Solutions and Applications

RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies are trasversal to many application areas; We created a dedicated section to divulge some of the usage scenarios followed by some success cases.


 The word traceability opens a world of possible application enviroments: from goods traceability for logistic, to people traceability for hospitals, and grocery traceability to guarantee the quality and the origin of them. Every single project can be implemented using different technologies depending on the result that we want to achieve. Here’s a list ideas and projects


Asset management is a necessary practice in all business realities and beacomes harder to manage in reality of big dimensions and with many branches throughout the territory; with the help of RFID technology, the asset monitoring operation becomes quick and easy. But a dilemma arises: NFC technology or UHF frequencies?


With the introduction of separate collection, it has become necessary to identify the users and the type of waste that is collected. The success of the RFID technology in waste applications management is linked to the possibility of speeding up these operations. But what are the main methods of collection?


Inventory management is one of the most time-consuming issues that companies have to deal with as it is a slow and time-consuming operation. Today, both BLE and RFID technologies can reduce inventory time by up to 99%. Learn How


RFID and NFC technology have found in ticketing and, more recently, in micropayments, massive use. Thanks to the uniqueness of the integrated UID code, the speed of detection and the possibility of having an encrypted memory, they are ideal for handling small amounts of money in a smart way. Have you ever thought about paying for ice cream with an NFC bracelet?



Attention to the health and well-being of workers is increasingly at the top of companies’ agendas. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for safety in workplaces with a high accident risk. Their monitoring is essential to ensure their use by workers. That’s where RFID and BLE come in.


The maintenance of complex systems involves numerous operations, on different components, at different times. Management via RFID (or BLE) tags allows dynamic and precise management with immediate feedback on results for both field operators and supervisors. Here’s some examples


From marathons to ultra-trails, mountain bike races, kart racing, regularity race timekeeping and endurance horse racing… These are just a few areas of application, where RFID and/or BLE technology can be used to time athletes in competitions…more


BLE tags and NFC tags were born with the goal of helping companies in marketing. Today, although these tags have had maximum diffusion in other applications, they are still used in the marketing world… let’s see how…