Beacon BLE – Active RFID Long range Technology

Find, Test and Develop your next APP with BLE beacon. Find our BLE sample kits, choose and enter the new age of technology.

Custom services for RFID and NFC Tag Transponder

The customization of tag RFID or NFC it’s the open door to successfully RFID project and it’s the most sensitive choice to take. It’s for this that we have based our philosophy around capability to project and realize RFID and NFC custom Tag.

Beacon BLE custom services – “Tailor made” Beacon Tags

BLE Beacons can be implemented in several applications. For this reason an high customization level is often required. We have decided to approach the development of BLE Beacon in “Tailor made” way, in order to try to meet any customers requirement.

Our Services

Our purpose is to help you in the choice of the right RFID transponder for your needs and in the best possible solution for the required application or project.
We have got a wide range of transponder in stock… we can customize RFID, NFC e BLE transponders with many options.

Our Latest Project

Although our product range is very wide, we believe it’s very important to innovate it. Here you can find our latest designed and created transponders.

Our Online Store

A selection of our products directly available in stock in our online store with fast delivery.

Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Internet of Things

We pay close attention to technological innovations. It’s for this reason that we play an active role in the changing process that concerns the Industry 4.0 world. For more info, visit the page Industry 4.0