METALLY - On Metal Label RFID UHF FIBERY - RFID and NFC tag for optical fibers and cables T-REXY - Rugged On Metal RFID Dual Frequency tag IN-METAL RFID UHF TINY FAMILY - Ceramic Tag UHF with different size for metal surface Smart beacon BLE disk DISK BEACON Bluetooth Low Energy BLE Beacon kit BLE Beacon Development kit Development kit Beacon BLE

New Antenna Layout RFID UHF and HF

We have updated our antenna layout for RFID Labels to offer more quality, better services and lower price.

Beacon BLE – Active Long Range Technology

Find, Test and Develop your next APP with BLE beacon. Find our BLE sample kits, choose and enter the new age of technology.


Slide Converting Machine for RFID smart labels RFID Tag exclusive customizations Customized BLE beacon in shape, size, printing and firmware