Asset Management

Generally is used RFID UHF passive technology, but sometimes can be used NFC technology reducing the reading distance, but making possible the detection through the use of a smartphone

RFID technology today is used for application of management asset to speed up the inventory of the items, situated in the companies, that must be placed to asset for tax purposes.

Generally  in this case RFID UHF technology is the best solution because is required a very fast reading (using a Palmare), of all the items situated in a particular space.
However nowadays there are situations in which people prefers reducing the reading distance to a few centimeters,  as happens with barcodes, but utilizing NFC technology for a easier and cheaper implementation thanks to the presence of the technology in the smartphone consumer.
In this case the advantage compared to the use of a simple barcode is the duration of the solution and the possibility to take over the transponder even if not visible, long as it is within the reading range of the smartphone.

An asset management project initially consists of a phase of RFID  transponder application (generally an adhesive label printed end coded). This operation can take place directly with the using of a Palmare or through the using of a printer that prints the information in unencrypted way and it writes these information in RFID chips.

The size of the label can change according to the item to identify, but it’s recommended to utilize a standard and  unique format  to avoid having different reading distances .

Finally it’s recommended to put on the label (if it’s possible) on non-metallic items.

If there will be the need to put on the tag on a item made of metallic material can be utilized the specific on-metal tag, or the labels with the “Foamy” support;  this solution is appreciable when we don’t  know the number of the all steel – items