Our Services

We can help you in the choice of the best RFID, NFC or BLE transponder and the best solution for the required application or project.

Our  goal is to help You to choose the best transponder. We have all the possible RFID frequencies LF, HF and UHF, NFC transponders  and also the most innovative technology BLE and thanks to this  we can help you about the choice of the best solution for the appliance or another required project.

Besides we are specialized to design, to personalize and to realize tag transponder to  face up special needs not available on the current market.

RFID tag UHF Tunnelly, developed for the traceability of the blocks that  compose the circumference of the gallery. It allows to identify in production phase and in installation phase the cement artifact
RFID tag UHF Patchy waterproof and flexible  with two holes, customizable printing with serial code for automatic trees identification. It allows to identify tree with a long distance and trace the several steps of working .
Of course the transponder more complete. Developed to withstand the worst environment conditions,  T-Rexy can be applied at any material, also metallic items. It can integrate two different chips with different combinations.

If you need it, we can carry out specific stress tests, reading distance tests, type of chip verification at our laboratories.

Also the choose of materials is very important  in order to determine the right tag transponder: thanks to the wide range and thanks to our competence about materials we can help you about the choose of the best materials; ABS, PVC, Nylon, Ceramic or Silicone, Tyvec, PPS or the natural wood, paper , burglary materials, traditional and cheap adhesives or strong and permanent adhesives. These are some of possible alternatives.

The transponder RFID customization is one of the most required solution.

We want to introduce the main options with which we work usually:

  • Monochrome printing or four-colour process or with pantone code of graphic layout supplied by the customer (on card / bracelets / keychains / diskettes / paper labels / polypropylene or polyehtylene labels)
  • Printing or laser engraving of serial progressive code
  • Printing or laser engraving of codes generated by .xls files supplied by the customer
  • Printing or laser engraving of UID code of RFID HF tag
  • Printing or laser engraving of EPC code of RFID UHF tag
  • Barcodes printing o QRCode
  • Coding of magnetic strip HiCo
  • Coding of the memory of the tag transponder RFID HF
  • Coding of the memory of the tag transponder RFID UHF
  • Coding of the NFC memory according to specific NDEF
  • Association at data database required by customers ( ex . serial progressive and UID code of the RFID HF transponder or EPC UHF code).

What else?

Flexibility is our strong point .. we try to satisfy all the requests… We always try to improve our offer.. if we haven’t got the solution, we try to find it.