Job Security

RFID technology can help to improve the security in the world of work, but it don’t replace the traditional systems and common sense in safeguarding the life.

The security in the world of work is a subject that wants more and more attention by the management of a company, also because of the sensitization of the institutions for this issue.
Besides, some sentences have created some precedents concerning the right way to work, for the employer and for the employe about the provision of personal protective equipment (DPI).
For this reason the RFID technology is involved in this hard battle in order to guarantee the right to health and human life during the job performance; RFID technology, in fact, can help both the employer and the employee to follow carefully the guidelines for a safe work place. How?

 SOLUTION 1 – Passive RFID UHF with Gateway

According to this solution we can apply the RFID UHF transponders at the personal protective equipment, and thanks to a device/Gateway placed before entering the hazardous area, the employer and the employee can verify the correct use of the equipment.
Besides, it’s possible to define impassable areas (if you go over this area, the system stops the machine or signals it with an alarm), always with the same goal to protect the worker (an example is represented by the video below).

SOLUTION 2 – With BLE Technology

Sometimes it’s necessary to monitor regularly not only use of the personal protection equipment, but also the presence/absence of worker in hazardous areas in order to can intervene promptly in the case would be an accident. In this situation it’s necessary a strong reading distance that allow to monitor also very big areas.
BLE technology guarantees that thanks to the transponders reading distances up to  100 meters. For further information please visit the dedicated section about BLE technology.