Ticketing and Micropayments

RFID(and NFC) technology finds a natural application in Ticketing and Micropayments thanks to the possibility to memorize protected information with credit to decrease

More and more the entrance to museums, water park , exposure, or the ticket to boarding the ferry is managed through RFID technology and with particular attention at NFC  (Near Field communication) that has simplified also the knowledge of the same technology.

What are the advantages of utilizing this technology compared  to other solutions based on barcode or traditional ticket without technology?

The first advantage is uniqueness of the ticket thanks to the chip that has inside him a unique code (UID) not modifiable, so it helps  to avoid the use of fake tickets and the access of the people without ticket.

In fact the information can be managed through a management software able to store the emitted transponder codes and manage their validity in easy way. Besides, thanks to internal memory, further information can be added (also if the information are encrypted, and so, protected) , like:

  • Possibility to have a initial micro credit that decreases for every operation effected
  • Possibility to memorize the utilized access points
  • Possibility to add customer personal data
  • Further information about customer specific needs and thanks to the management capacity of the developed software.

We said that the code is univocal, but that doesn’t mean that the ticket can be utilized only once, on the contrary is useful and possible to use another time the RFID tag, this thanks to the possible different forms it may take.  In fact, for example,  a ticket could be a silicon waterproof bracelet exploitable in aquatic parks, also as an electronic purse that allow you to pay the additional services of the park (like beverage, food, or gadget) or a badge made in PVC usable as a subscription for the cinema or a keychain or a bracelet disposable to utilizing for a holiday week in a “all inclusive” way.