BLE and NFC technologies represent a very important tool to increase the customer engagement, sensitizing him and bringing him close to company reality, making the first step forward the customer loyalty.

In a world where marketers find increasing difficulty to reach the end-user, less and less incline to listen proposals, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies can represent a very tool  to intensify the relationship between seller and client, improving his engagement, sensitizing  him and bringing him close to company reality making the first step forward the customer loyalty.
For example, a retailer equipped with BLE technology, can send special offers to the customers that enter his store, or he can employ this tool in order to obtain important information about user habits with a view to carry out an analysis for an advanced self-assessment : for example the retailer may know how many time a customer spends in his store, and in which department. This can help retailer to modify strategies towards the specific targets.
Besides, it was estimated that the attention paid from users to messages send with BLE technology is higher than the attention paid to marketing communications through standard medias .

Also NFC technology can be an important medium through which to spread the brand, making know the company policy and specially to  interact with customers dispensing information concerning the product history, its features, its provenance …
A good example is reresented by the world of wine industry: some important italian brands specialized in the production and distribution of wine have designed the application of NFC labels to its bottles, firstly in order to removing the risk of trade mark infringement, as with the simple use of  a latest generation smartphone or tablet  the user can verify, making sure him to have bought a original bottle and not a fake, and in second place to inform the customer about the particular features of the bottle, communicating information like date of production, characteristics of the wine or advices on the modalities of consumption.
Another kind of application in the marketing sector  of NFC technology covers the field of Fashion, particularly some important brands that produce special clothing characterized by particular uses and treatments: in this case actionable information concern use and washing modes, the option to produce and to consult  others’ feedback, the possibility to interact with other customers or directly with the company, that in this way has the advantage to protract the relation with the client, obtaining as result a satisfied and  loyal client.

If BLE technology has as advantage a very long reading distance, NFC technology can be considering an interesting tool thanks to its low cost, deriving by the absence to the battery of its tags and above all by the possiblity to use latest generation smartphones and tablets as NFC devices.