Containers traceability

There are many kinds of container, as well as there are many operating sectors where they are needed. Often there’s the necessity to track and identify them uniquely, quickly and with precision. How RFID technology can help to track these objects in an Industrial environment?

“RFID technology allows to identify  objects in a fast and accurate way, applying to them a RFID tag”. Starting from this sentence it will be possible understand why RFID technology is the best solution for containers identification and traceabilty.
The casuistry  teaches us that there are many application where RFID technology is applied to tracking containers and it’s for this reason that Global Tag has developed many tags according to the typology of container to detect.

Generally the need is to  trace the container (and its content) both inside the  logistic warehouses of the company and when it is introduced in the supply chain (At the following link you can find a study case of an automated warehouse system). The information placed inside the RFID tag (as production lot, kind of material, final destination) allows to choose the placing in the warehouse in automatic way, as well as  to create  transport documents, to check the content and also realize a fast inventory of all the bins available in the warehouse.

The large assortment of industrial receptacles (from wooden container to carton box, from metal barrel to plastic crates), as said before, requires a specialization of the transponder. Starting from this premise, Global Tag  has token into consideration a large number of variables about the container, like its material, the form,  the location (indoor or outdoor), the possible need to withstand the impacts,  the intended use, in order to develop specific tags that can totally satisfy   the needs of each customer that works in this sector.
Therefore, if we’re talking about a plastic pallet, or a metal bin, or a dump truck, or again about a waste bin used for the storage and handling of drums containing hazardous materials, the RFID technology (generally operating with UHF 868-915Mhz) represents the right solution to the need to detect, track and trace the container with rapidity and precision.

In this context, the added value  brought by Global Tag  consists in the advice, search, and where required, in design the right RFID tag for a specific application for the industrial environment