BLE Technology

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a wireless technology based on BT 4.0 standard, that allows to need a little quantity of energy in order to have BLE transponders that communicate with the gateway thanks to settable output ping rates

BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy) is based on Bluetooth 4.0 standard, it works at 2,4GHz and it’s thought to adapt to marketing logics on smartphones and tablets, almost in opposition to NFC (Near Field Communication) technolgy, with the difference that BLE technology has very higher reading distances, up to 100 m.

The potential of this technology beyond the boundaries of mobile devices and it’s perfect for many applications that up to know were owned by active RFID technology.

So, why do you have to choose BLE technoogy?

  • As opposed to RFID technology BLE technology is based on a globally recognized standard
  • it's immediately available on mobile without the need of a dedicated device
Discover BLE world

In addition to the advantages listed above, compared to the most famous RFID active technologies, we have improved also technological proposal concerning transponder with this result:

  • Possibility to replacing the battery
  • Halved production costs
  • Over 7 types of tags available on catalog
  • Possibility to develop customized transponder
  • Integrated sensors

Finally we can propose also fixed device, as active RFID controllers. Also in this case we can offer some advantages:

  • Ethernet interfaces / Wi-Fi / GPRS
  • Relais and I/O
  • Halved costs
  • Casings for industrial environments