RAPTORY – RFID hard tag for metal

  • Dimensioni tag RFID Raptory
  • Tag RFID NFC On-Metal Raptory
  • Tag RFID NFC On-Metal Raptory
  • Raptory, rugged RFID on metal tag


  • LF
  • HF ISO15693
  • HF ISO14443 (e NFC)
  • UHF
  • TK4100 Read Only 64bit
  • T5577
  • NXP ICode SLI-X/-S
  • STM LRi2K
  • Texas TI2048
  • NXP Mifare Ultralight
  • NXP Mifare Classic 1KB/4KB
  • NXP Mifare Desfire 2KB/4KB/8KB
  • NXP Mifare Plus 4KB
  • NXP Ntag213 / Ntag216
  • Alien Higgs3
  • Alien Higgs4

Size: 95x25x13mm

Material: ABS or Nylon (optional) + 3mm Foam

Storage Temperature: -55°C + 100°C (150° with Nylon)

Operating Temperature: -25°C + 85°C


*(xx required chip)

Technical Datasheet

Global Tag RAPTORY is a NFC and RFID hard tag, very sturdy and resistant, that has special features: high performance as reading distance, waterproof, on-metal and with rivet holes and 3M adhesive for an easy application, also to irregular surfaces. Designed to withstand hard environments and unfavorable weather conditions, this tag has the IP68 class protection.

The Raptory is a perfect solution for automatic identification in the industrial environments, when the necessity  to track items arises, particularly for the following applications: the asset and machinery maintenance, the monitoring of the several production steps, the asset management and so the tracking of container and bins for industrial purposes.

The available customizations are the following:

Laser engraving printing: logo or text printing with “laser engraving” technique.

UID or serial number printing: serial number or progressive number engraving, or UID/EPC from database or .xls file, barcode and QRcode printing. Other customization options are available on request.

Chip memory encoding: Encoding of EPC in RFID UHF, possibilty to write in tag HF and/or UHF memory data, also from  database supplied by the customer. Temporary or permanent lock of the content through password. Association EPC and TID code in database or UID codes and progressive numbers/barcodes.


Build a sample kit of RFID and NFC tag Raptory