NAILY – RFID and NFC Nail tag

  • tag chiodo RFID NFC

    Naily – RFID and NFC nail

    Naily is the RFID and NFC nail produced by Global Tag, ideal for surfaces that need to be perforated .

  • Tag Chiodo RFID NFC


  • Tag Chiodo NFC

    Naily – New model

    This is the new model of the RFID Naily. Diameter 22mm, height 42mm. Available in LF, HF and NFC!


  • LF
  • HF ISO15693
  • NFC
  • TK4100 Read Only 64bit
  • NXP ICode SLI-X/-S
  • STM LRi2K
  • NXP Ntag213

Size: 36x17mm

Material: ABS

Storage Temperature: -55°C + 120°C

Operating Temperature: -25°C + 85°C


*(xx required chip)

Technical Datasheet

Global Tag NAILY is a  NFC and RFID nail tag, designed to be applied to surfaces that need to be perforated. Very resistant tag, ideal for outodoor environments, this transponders can be produced in two different sizes: The diameter of the upper side is always 17 mm, but depending on the application, the lenght can be  25 mm or  36 mm. Available in LF, HF and NFC with the possibility to write data inside the chip:

Memory chip encoding: Writing in HF tag memory, also from database supplied by the customer. Temporary or permanent lock of the contents through a password.  Association UID code and progressive numbers/barcodes.


Build a sample kit of RFID nail tag Naily.