METALLY – UHF On metal label

  • Metally RFID UHF label for metal
  • RFID UHF label for metal
  • Metally RFID UHF label for metal
  • Metally UHF label for metal
  • UHF on metal label
  • Etichetta on metal RFID UHF


Size: 97,5x27x0,9mm

Material: EVA

Storage Temperature: -20°C + 70°C

Operating Temperature: -20°C + 70°C


Technical Datasheet

Global Tag METALLY is the RFID UHF on metal label, designed to be applied on metal surfaces; it has a very low cost and it allows to print information (text, barcode, QR code) on the label surface. In fact, also it is available the RFID printer that enables the customer to print the required information by himslef.

For these reasons, METALLY is the best solution for the most of application concerning the traceability of items that require the on-metal tags, like the tracking of metal bins during the production steps, the movements of dumpsters in the waste management sector, the monitoring of containers and cisterns in industrial areas.

Another competitive advantage is represented by the incredible resistance and by the strenght of the 3M glue: it has been tested in outdoor environments with any weather condition: the reports clearly demonstrate the product reliability.

The available customizations for the UHF on-metal label in EVA material are the following:

Printing: Monochrome printing starting from a graphic layout  equipped by the customer. Serial number, QR, barcode or EPC printing. Other customizations are available on demand. Besides, also the printer can be supplied to enable the customer to manage by himself the printing process.

Chip memory encoding: Encoding of EPC code of RFID UHF transponders. Contents can be, temporarily or permanently,  locked through a password. EPC code and TID code association  in database.


Build a sample kit of RFID tag on metal label Metally (UHF).