Automated management of the logistic warehouse

Here below you can see a solution based on RFID UHF technology that allows to reach the automation in the process of the logistic warehouse management. From the encoding to the check in the RFID gate. A study case for the “Smart Factory” and for IoT world.

In presence of a factory internal tracking system, it’s possible to develop a warehouse automated management system in order to allows to avoid possible positioning errors arising from the production management and picking mistakes during the delivery step.

In the following video and in the pictures here below, it’s possible to see the tag encoding (made by the RFID printer) and the checking phase for the entry in the automated warehouse.

The tags are manually placed on the metal bins and they are moved on the wood pallet four by four. The RFID gate checks the correctness of the tag information in relation to the production list and, if they are  compliant, the pallet is moved on the conveyor belt in order to be placed in the warehouse.

When stored matal bins are required, the automated warehouse system select the right pallet and an exit gate checks once again the correctness and finally it generates the required fiscal documents before taking away the chosen bin from the warehouse.

The best solution, as RFID tag, for this case, is the RFID UHF On-Metal label (Metally), supplied in reels and printable directly with a RFID thermal transfer printer. This label can be applied on metal surfaces thanks a special design. Global Tag has developed this product in order to satisfy the needs arising from the industrial sector, that requires big quantities of transponders with a low cost and an high added value.

Finally, we can state that RFID technology is, in this example (like in many other cases), the best solution for the Internet of Things and for the “Smart Factory” (or Industry 4.0)