MINI MICROTY – Very small UHF RFID tag with mounting versatility


Size: 10x8x5mm

Material: Ceramic and Plastic

Storage Temperature: -40°C + 150°C

Operating Temperature: -40°C + 85°C


Technical datasheet

Global Tag MINI-MICROTY is a very small On-Metal UHF RFID tag.

The strength of this tag is its mounting versatility: it can be applied using a micro cable tie or a iron wire or integrated into the metal object and fixed with silicone or metal-free resin.
On request, it can also be provided with glue (standard adhesive or 3M adhesive).

Many customisations are available, such as encoding of EPC User Memory (also from Database), serial number engraving, QRcode, barcode or logo printing.
Locking permanently or with password. Insert into Database TID code.
Other options on request.

Installation mode e applications

  • 3M Adhesive on the tag backside: gluing the tag with adhesive background
  • Cable tie / Iron wire: you can apply the RFID UHF Mini-Microty using cable ties or iron wire thanks to its holes
  • Embedding: The RFID UHF tag Mini-Microty can be embedded in metal objects and fixed with silicone, epoxy, or metal-free resins.

MINI-MICROTY can be used to check and track the presence of metal tools in a container, but also for their maintenance, thanks to its small size and metal resistance.

MINI-MICROTY is also designed to improve the maintenance of On-Metal assets with its simple application for metal surfaces and objects