STICKY – On-metal RFID tag

  • Tag RFID UHF On-metal Sticky
  • Tag on metal Sticky RFID UHF
  • on-metal tag Sticky RFID UHF
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  • UHF
  • Alien Higgs3
  • Alien Higgs4

Size: 75x15x3mm

Material: Laminated label

Storage Temperature: -55°C + 100°C

Operating Temperature: -25°C + 85°C


*(xx required chip)

Technical Datasheet

Global Tag STICKY is a laminated label tag with 3M adhesive, easy to apply, that guarantees high performances, especially about maintenance management and asset management, thanks to its On-metal feature, that is the possibility to be applied on a metal surface with a reading distance that reach 4 meters.

Available customizations are the following:

Printing: Monochrome printing or 4-colors in offset, starting from a graphic layout  equipped by the customer in vector format . Serial number, barcode or EPC printing. Other customizations are available on demand.

Chip memory encoding: Encoding of EPC code of RFID UHF transponders. Contents can be, temporarily or permanently,  locked through a password. EPC code and TID code association  in database.


You can customize your Sticky with available printing  options and other personalizations, and requiring a timely quotation.

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