PROTECTION CASE BEACONY – BLE Smart Beacon with silicone case

  • The silicone cover improves the resistance to the water and shocks. It can be used as a wristband too, thanks to the band hole.

  • It integrates Disk Beacony, keeping all its working features.

  • It is equipped with a button which plays different functions and a CR2032 battery which allows beacon to live around 12 months

Global Tag PROTECTION CASE BEACONY is a BLE Smart Beacon (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2) equipped with a silicone protective case.

The device can be set to broadcast i-Beacon or Eddystone (UUID, URL, TLM) advertising packets.

It guarantees high performances (200 meters detection range), despite the absolutely affordable cost.
The battery CR2032 (PANASONIC®) is replaceable and it can survive more than 1 year with default configuration.

The protective cover has been designed to enter the basic unit, BLE Disk Beacony: indeed the product keep the same features, such as the optional sensors: it is possible, on request, to integrate accelerometer and/or temperature/humidity sensor.

Besides, for particular applications, the BLE Beacon can be supplied with integrated NFC technology: we can also encode the BLE-NFC device, in order to create a univocal association between them. The operation consists in storing the unique code of the NFC tag (UID) in the “device name” (or “friendly name”) of the Beacon BLE (or, as alternative, storing the MAC address of the Beacon in the user memory of the NFC tag).

Operating frequency 2,4 GHz. IEEE Standard: 802.15.1 (Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy). Bluetooth integrated antenna.
Accurate digital RSSI.
Transmission Transmission distance: up to 200 meters. Transmission Power: 4 different levels can be set
Transmission interval can be set via software OTA (from 100 msec. to 10 sec. with step of 100ms)
Sensors Accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors available
O.S. Supported Operating System supports IOS and Android. iBeacon or Eddystone protocol standard.
Power supply Battery: replaceable CR2032 3V Li. Battery life: One year (with broadcast interval: 1 second)
Input/Output Dual colour led (Red & Green) for status indication.
Button for On/Off with 3Sec. pression.
Case Size: 36 mm diameter, 15 mm thickness. Weight: 14 gr.
Material: Silicone + PC (Polycarbonate).
Temperature range Operation: -15° C up to 45° C  –  Storage: -15° C up to 50° C
Delivery format Singulated. Printed label with Mac Address (QR Code and in clear) and Friendy Name (for association and coding).
Customization Other mounting accessories IP67 are available, for outdoor use
Different colors available. Customizable with logo printing (W/B or 4-color printing)
Standard Firmware Different advertising protocols: Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone (UUID, URL or TLM) or custom advertising packet, on request.


GT-WTCBY-BLE: Watchcase Beacony without sensors 
: Watchcase Beacony with accelerometer
: Watchcase Beacony with humidity/temperature sensor
: Watchcase Beacony with accelerometer and humidity/temperature sensor

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