BLE Beacon Portfolio

Find the Beacon Portfolio made by Global Tag. Our products are selected to cover many different field application. Bluetooth Low Energy technology is, in fact, cross to different business sectors.

Thanks to several features available, Active beacon of “Beacony” family reply in easy way at project requirements. 


To make more Smart and “IoT compliant” our BLE Beacon we have added the sensors. Thanks to our production flexibility we can, on demand, add sensors how the project need.

If the sensor is not again in our portfolio, don’t worry, please contact us… probably will be possible implement it.


With the help of the dedicated R & D department, we have implemented different firmware able to specialize the beacon and make it as suitable as possible for the most diverse application areas.

The hardware has unique features that allow you to optimize costs and make BLE projects flexible and scalable.


There are many possible customizations for the “Beacony” family. From printing, lasering, coding directly into the firmware with parameters specific to the encoding of BLE beacon with univocal values.

BLE Developer Kit

The developer kit is a tool designed to allow an easy, economical and complete approach to BLE Beacon world. In addition to the various types of beacons, technical assistance and all the documentation necessary for the development of Android®, Apple® and also for use with third-party hardware are included.