FIBERY – RFID tag for electric cables and optical fibers

  • Tag RFID per cavi elettrici e fibre ottiche
  • Fibery tag RFID NFC cavi elettrici e fibre ottiche
  • Fibery tag RFID per cavi elettrici e fibre ottiche


  • HF ISO15693
  • HF ISO14443 (e NFC)
  • UHF
  • NXP ICode SLI-X/-S
  • NXP Mifare Ultralight
  • NXP Mifare Classic 1KB/4KB
  • NXP Ntag213
  • Alien Higgs3
  • Monza5

Size: 110x19x0,5mm

Material: Polypropylene + Foam + 3M adhesive

Storage Temperature: -55°C + 120°C

Operating Temperature: -25°C + 85°C


*(xx required chip)

Technical Datasheet

Global Tag FIBERY is a RFID and NFC tag developed by Global Tag in order to manage the maintenance and the traceability of electric cables and optical fibers. it’s a tag made of propylene, foam and a strong adhesive, ideal for any cable and for any cylindrical object . Available in  HF (also NFC) and UHF with many customization, as:

Printing: monochrome printing or 4-colors in offset, starting from a graphic layout  equipped by the customer in vector format. Printing of  UID or EPC code, progressive serial code from database or not, or file .xls; barcodes printing, QRCode. Further customization options are available on demand.

Chip memory encoding: Encoding of EPC code of RFID UHF transponders, HF and UHF tag memory write, also from database provided by the client . Contents can be, temporarily or permanently,  locked through a password. EPC code and TID code association  in database. UID code and progressive/barcode association.


Build a sample kit of RFID and NFC tag Fibery