RFID for traceability of Mineral Seltz water drums from the Maniva Group

The Maniva Group, mineral water distributor, needed a solution to trace returnable steel drums of Mineral Selz water in the washing/filling process and to make sure that the drums returned to the premises once used by the user.

To allow digital identification, our Hardy UHF RFID tag in size 40x10mm was riveted to the steel drums through its holes in the ends.
The tag was chosen for its ability to operate on metal surfaces (the steel drum) and in industrial environments.

The transit of the drum on the roller conveyor is instead detected by the RFID Long Range Reader LRU1002, supplied by RFID Global, placed on the washing and filling line.

The entire RFID architecture has allowed a reduction in costs, thanks to the circular economy, rapid traceability of drums and immediate analysis of the collected data.