FAQ – NFC Technology

Mifare Classic 1K chips is not considered NFC Compliant, so It should not be considered a NFC chip. However some , but not all, smartphone device can read and write this chip.

Nowadays, thanks to the introduction of NTag216, with 888 byte user memory, it is advisable to avoid the use of Mifare Classic (1K o 4K) chip for NFC applications.

Tha main NFC chips or NFC compliant are:

– Mifare Ultralight (NFC compliant)
– Mifare Ultralight C (NFC compliant)
– NTag213
– Ntag216
Chips NTag212 and Ntag215 are less prevalent.

NFC chips have the memry coded according to NDEF standard, while NFC compliant chip are designed without NDEF encoding, but they are perfectly compatible with NFC standard and after formatting they are to all effects NFC chips.