BLE WRISTBAND BEACONY – BLE Wristband Beacon with anti-removal solution

We are pleased to announce that we are on the way to launching a new product in the “BLE Beacony” product range. After having complied with market requirements and after a prototyping phase that allowed us to take care of all the details, our R&D department completed BLE WRISTBAND BEACONY. This is a silicone accessory in the shape of a bracelet that is able to incorporate the BLE DISKY Beacony in its basic form.

Bracciale Beacon e Disk Beacony

Starting from left: frontside and backside of BLE Wristband Beacony and BLE Disk Beacony to be integrated into the wristband.


BLE WRISTBAND BEACONY has a series of unique features, first of all the possibility of being able to choose, according to the needs of the project, between two types of closure: the first one is the buckle, as in a classic watch, ideal for projects that require the free removal of the bracelet by the user (e. g., the bracelet. Traceability of the employees) and the “single-use” anti-removal closure, designed and developed for projects in which the user must not have the possibility to remove the bracelet at his own  (e. g. traceability of non-self-sufficient patients).

Bracciale BLE in silicone

Clasp with buckle

Bracciale Beacon anti-rimozione

Clasp with anti-removal clip


The design of the product has been studied combining aesthetics and comfort thanks to the combination of lightness (only 22 grams including the battery), robustness and the form, that follows the shape of a watch, with the possibility to add printing color logos, characters etc..

In addition, the tests performed show an excellent degree of impermeability and resistance even in the presence of chemical elements such as salt or chlorine.

WRISTBAND BEACONY BLE will be available in mass-production from March; the prototype version is already available for our customers, that can preview the benefits of the new Bluetooth Low Energy accessory.


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New TINY Ultra Slim RFID UHF tags for metal

The wide range of RFID In-Metal tags, known as Tiny Family, has a new member, that is a special and interesting tag, “Tiny Ultra Slim”, characterized by a reduced thickness (1,8mm). This RFID UHF tag has been designed to be implemented in medical applications like the identification of surgical instruments and devices.
It will be purchasable since December 2017 and it will preserve all the features that characterize the Tiny Family, such as the special version for High Temperature environments.

For more information please send e-mail at or

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New range of BLE Beacon

Global Tag has totally renewed the range of Beacon BLE 4.2 tags.

In order to better meet the needs of the market, we have strongly refreshed the range of products beacon “BEACONY BLE”.

Starting from Disk Beacony, we have developped a family, composed by beacon devices, that can satisfy the requirements of the main applications, like:

  • Marketing
  • Objects and assets tracking
  • People tracking and control
  • Vehicle access control
  • Personal protective equipment checking

both in indoor and outdoor environments.

The improvements concern:

  • Increased battery life
  • Easy way to change the battery, thanks to the simple open/close system.
  • Printing customization, even for low volumes
  • Easy way to set the main parametrs of the beacon, using the dedicated APP, available both for IOS and Android
  • Lower cost due to economies of scale
  • Available with sensors (accelerometer, humidity/temperature sensor)
  • High quality materials and nice design

Particularly, the Beacony family is composed by:

DISK BEACONY: Policarbonate disc with simple Open/Close system. It has a foam and adhesive layer on the backside, to allow an easy fixing.

KEYFOB BEACONY: Silicone case, it is a keyfob with nice design: It’s customizable and water resistant.

WALL BEACONY: Designed for marketing and industrial application because of its ductility. The side holes allow an easy application through screws and rivets. Waterproof, it can be used in harsh environments.

WATCHCASE BEACONY: Beacon with wristband form. Thanks to its form, it can be used in hospital environments (choosing disposable watchstrap), or for entertainment/marketing application (choosing the re-usable wristband).

Finally, it is available (on demand, with 500 pcs MOQ) a silicone wristband with special clip, dedicated to applications for people with disabilities or with degenerative diseases.

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Global Tag also speaks French

The Global Tag’s web-site now has a new language: after the implementation of english, italian and spanish, now it is also available in French.

Increasingly, the attention is paid to the internationalization of Global Tag, because the web-site is a key tool to reach different customers worldwide.

Thanks to the several information and thanks to the wide product line, Global Tag aims to expand its range of action, thanks to more and more unique and competitive products.

Click here to visit the web-site!

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TINY (RFID UHF tags for metal) becomes a family

The RFID UHF (860-960MHz) small-sized transponders that are members of the IN-Metal Tiny family have become seven, developed for IN-Metal and On-Metal  solution.

Thanks to the several available sizes, they can be implemented in many application contexts: from the tracking of surgical instruments to the verification and maintenance of nuts and bolts, to the maintenance of metal components, from the management of the production of iron items to the detection of the asset that are in the company seat to the automatic setting of the machining programs on the industrial installations.

The presentation of the family necessary needs to start from the smallest on-metal tag available on the market that guarantees reading distance up to 50cm: this tag is the Tiny-XXS (3,8×3,8x3mm) that, thanks to its small size, can be placed everywhere.

The series follows with Tiny-XS (4,8×4,8x3mm), Tiny-S (10x5x3mm), Tiny-M (13x13x3mm, the latest tag that has been introduced, with reading distance up to 250cm), Tiny-L (21x17x3mm), Tiny-XL (23x9x3mm). The last is the biggest and the most performing Tiny-XXL that, thanks to 450cm reading distance and size 25x25mm, becomes very interesting, also in the logistic contexts for the mass identification of metal objects.

There are many available customization: from the use of 3M  adhesive to the application of a magnet for an easy application / removal  in order to use the tag several times, from logo printings or serial numbers to the encoding options of the EPC code or User memory.

You can find more information in Global Tag’s web-site, in the dedicated page of Tiny Family


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Pool Industriale selects Global Tag

We are glad to communicate that since the begin of 2017 Global tag has been selected by Pool Industriale as qualified suppliers for manufacture companies that  use RFID and BLE technologies, with particular focus to the side “tag transponder”.

Pool Industriale for 40 years selects supplier companies in the different sectors of the B2B in order to offers a complete view of the products and services that are needed for the carrying out of the production and business organization.

With a view to the development of the Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things) is very important, for us, this award for the work we have realized in these years, aimed to guarantee high quality products and services, to extend and improve our products range, that nowadays is composed by more than 300 possible solutions with different operation frequencies (LF 125KHz, HF 13,56MHz e UHF 868-915MHz),  with the possibility, in some case, to mix them.

Thanks tothe agreement with the main players, we have been able to offer 360° RFID, NFC and BLE a 360° solutions, from the Hardware to the Software, in several application contexts.

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Global Tag Srl!

It was born 5 years ago with the purpose to meet the international market needs about #RFID and #NFC tag transponders, today we can say to have token  a way that has allowed us to cooperate with important companies, to improve the technological vision, to train us for a future full of  important challenges.
In these 5 years we made our product range bigger and bigger, we have introduced the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy – iBeacon) technology, reaching customers in more than 20 different countries all around the world.

A special thanks  is dedicated to all our partners and all the people who believed in us.
We need to thanks the difficulties, because they allowed us to improve ourselves, and even more the successes, because they  made us realized workers and they allowed ud to work with more and more optimism.

“The future is the door, the past is the key”

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