RFID and NFC label customization

The following customizations can be applied on all our label present in our product range

Graphic layout printing: Monochrome or 4-colors printing starting from graphic layout provided by customer in vector format.

UID or EPC printing, progressive serial codes from database (or not) and/or from .xls file

Barcode printing, QRCode printing

Label glue: Standard labels use a glue strong and permanent ; available on demand the glue 3M 467 MP. Further kinds of gluei can be required by the customer.

Cut line on the support (perforation in the liner paper): Generally, labels are provided on reels. On demand we can produce reels with precut between the single labels or fanfold labels.

Different Materials: Labels can be provided with different roofing materials; from vellum paper or coated paper to plastic materials (resistant to water splashes) such as Polypropylene  or Poyiethylene .

Sponge support: We can provide sponge supports in order to apply the label on metal objects or irregular surfaces. Watch the concerning tag Foamy

Chip memory encoding: EPC memory encoding of RFID UHF tag, writing in HF/UHF tag memory, also starting from database provided by the customer. Temporary o permanent  lock of the memory through password. Association between EPC and TID  in database and barcode/progressive code.

HF ISO15693, ISO14443 and NFC labels can work also with metallic materials thanks to a 0,20 mm (or 0,33 mm). Labels can be provided in two different ways: singulated or on reel

UHF proposed labels are not available for metallic applications. There are specific optimized labels (available only on demand) for this application.