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Global Tag METALLY is the RFID UHF on metal label, designed to be applied on metal surfaces; it has a very low cost and it allows to print information (text, barcode, QR code) on the label surface. In fact, also it is available the RFID printer that enables the customer to print the required information by himslef. Size: 97,5x27x0,9mm. Material: EVA. Storage Temperature: -20°C + 70°C. Operating Temperature: -20°C + 70°C

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Monza R6 (UHF)
Alien Higgs 3 (UHF) 

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Metally is the RFID UHF on metal label 97,5x27mm designed for industrial environments (IP67). It’s the best solution for application where is needed the tracking of objects with metal surface. The advantages are its very low cost and the possibility to print on the label surface logos, barcodes, QRcodes, serial numbers.


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