Badgy – Card RFID and NFC


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Global Tag Badgy ISOcard format PVC. Size 54x86x0,76mm. Material: laminated PVC. Weight: 0,58 grams. Class Protection: IP68. Operating temperature: -25°C to +50°C.  Storage Temperature: -55°C to +60°C. Case Color: White. Delivery: singulated.

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Chip currently available in stock:

TK4100 (LF) 
T5577 (LF) 
I-Code SLIX (HF) 

Mifare Ultralight (HF)
Mifare Classic 1K (HF)
Mifare Classic 4K (HF) 
N-Tag216 (NFC)
Monza 5 (UHF)
Alien Higgs 3 (UHF) 

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Card Badge white with many different chip RFID and NFC available. ISOCard Format.


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