RFID and NFC Special Tags

Global Tag has, inside its portfolio, SPECIAL RFID and NFC Tags in order to cover particular applications in which there are special customer requirements that must be met.

The main tags in this dedicated section are the following: FIBERY, designed for electrical and electronical cables tracking and maintenance, VIVARY, born to be applied on flowers, plant and trees in a floriculture and vivarium, NAILY, designed for easy application in wooden surfaces. Again, BROKY, a big category of tamper-proof labels with many different solutions of customization and WOODY, a tag developed in wood material for green applications.

The RFID tags are proposed in LF 125Khz, HF 13,56Mhz ISO15693 and also ISO14443 (NFC) and UHF 860- 960MHz ISO18000-6c. Different IC chips, the most of the ones available on the market, can be put inside these special tags: TK4100, T5577, I-Code SLI, LRi2K, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire, Ntag213, Ntag216, Alien Higgs3, Alien Higgs4, Impinji Monza5 and so on…

Several customization options are available for each category.


Global Tag FIBERY is a tag with special form designed to be applied on cables and optical fibers. Achievable in HF ISO15693 and ISO14443 and UHF ISO18000-6c. Many different customization options are available: offset printing (from artwork design), barcode, QRCode, serial number or UID number printing, memory encoding and information entry into a Database. On request we can also customize the shape, the size and the thickness.


Material: PP and foam
Color: White or colored, with printing options
Reading Distance: Depends on the frequency/chip
RFID Frequencies: HF 13,56MHz ISO14443, NFC, UHF 868-960MHz
Codice Prodotto: GT-FBRY-xx   (xx required chip)

For more information visit the product page on website


Global Tag VIVARY is a RFID UHF (optionally in HF) Tag born to track and trace plants and flower in vivarium environments. With special form and high performance integrated inlay, it can reach long reading distances, also working with anti-collision system. Generally, it is supplied in reel to allow printing options during the encoding operations. Produced with Polyprophilene material for outdoor using, also in harsh conditions.


Materiale: PP
Colore: White
Distanza di lettura: Up to 10meters (with 2W ERP and fixed long range).
RFID Frequency: UHF 868-960MHz
Product Code: GT-VVRY-xx    (xx required IC chip)

For more information, visit the product page on website


Global Tag NAILY is a nail tag family designed to be entered directly into the wood with easy way application. They are available in HF ISO15693 and ISO14443 (NFC) frequencies with different chip. Printing options are available on request.


Materiale: ABS
Color: White or Black
Reading distance: Depends on the frequency/chip
RFID Frequencies: LF 125KHz, HF 13,56MHz  ISO15693, HF 13,56MHz ISO14443
Product Code: GT-NLY-xx (xx required chip)

For more information, visit the product page on website


Global Tag BROKY label is a RFID/NFC special Tag with tamper-proof function. The material has been developed to not allow the removal after application on surface as glass, plastic or wood. It can be realized with HF or UHF integrated circuit chip. Printing options and memory encoding are available as options.


Material: Anti-tamper
Color: On demand
Reading Distance: Depends on the frequency/chip
RFID Frequencies: HF 13,56MHz  ISO15693. HF 13,56MHz ISO14443, UHF 868-960MHz
Product Code: GT-BRKY-xx  (xx required chip)

For more information, visit the product page on website


Global Tag WOODY è un transponder RFID realizzato in legno per applicazioni speciali nella quale è richiesto l’utilizzo di questo materiale. Ideale per progetti a basso impatto ambientale. Disponibile con differenti forme, dimensioni, frequenze e chip disponibili.


Materiale: Legno naturale
Colore: Ligneo
Distanza di lettura: Dipende dal chip/frequenza
RFID Frequency: LF 125 KHz, HF 13,56MHz ISO 15693, HF 13,56MHz ISO 14443
Product Code(Clear Disky): GT-WDY-xx (xx chip richiesto)

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