10 stories about our 10 first years.

OUR HISTORY #1 : The beginnings – Where the idea comes from

After consolidating experience in @Rfidglobal (Softwork Group), our CEO Fabio Mazzola realized the importance of the Tag component for the success of RFID systems and decided to create, together with the company that raised him, a young and dynamic company with an international scope, to design and manufacture custom RFID transponders and vertical to various

OUR STORY #2: The team expands

If ants get their act together, they can move an elephant. (African proverb) It's the strength of the team and when a new person joins the company, it's a moment of collective enrichment... and it's not true that 1 + 1 = 2. If you join forces, the value multiplies after it adds up FOLLOW

OUR STORY #3: Escape Room

"You have a set time to return to your reality. There are clues and traps, it's up to you to figure out the escape route. But the clock is ticking and the minutes are quickly going away." This is the claim that accompanies the game Escape Room and, only if you team up, share tasks,

OUR STORY #4: Our Offices

There was a time period when Global Tag's offices were small and temporary... we now have a bright location where we can welcome our customers from all over the world. FOLLOW OUR HISTORY ON LINKEDIN


Just like Lego bricks, when you put together skills, abilities, services the result is a perfect joint for efficient and successful cutting-edge solutions... All we can do is thank all our partners who have interacted and built with us over the years! FOLLOW OUR HISTORY ON LINKEDIN

OUR STORY #6: The most compelling challenges

Industrial environment, acids, paints, dust, liquids, particular dimensions, double frequency in a single tag, ten-year duration in outdoor environments, challenging reading distance, high temperatures, particular construction materials, special adhesives, customizations (printing, qrcode, barcode, logo encoding, etc.) are just some of the challenges we have experienced and that thanks to the internal team and partnerships we

OUR STORY #7: Our missions abroad

How many adventures when we move to visit fairs or to visit our suppliers/partners… we even end up in the local newspaper (https://www.giornaledibrescia.it/brescia-e-hinterland/l-odissea-%C3%A8-sui-binari-brescia-parigi-in-23-ore-1.1796062)... or we happen to lose our cell phone in a metropolis of 12,000,000 inhabitants in a cab and find it thanks to the availability of our correspondent and the cab driver! FOLLOW

OUR STORY #8: Our biggest disappointment

When we decide to invest in a person, we always do it with the conviction that they are an added value to the company. That's when the phrase "I don't trust you" by someone who had recently joined our team created a deep reflection that allowed us to further improve the way we relate with

OUR STORY #9: Pandemic

Needless to say it has been our most trying challenge... the fear, the distance, the races to prepare new useful solutions. Each of us has a thought and a memory about what happened in those difficult months of the first lockdown... let's leave to those who want to make their own personal comment, to enrich

OUR STORY #10: Christmas Dinners

They are a time for us to recap another year spent together, they are the time to say thank you to each other and also to say sorry, because the atmosphere is not always idyllic, because there have always been and always will be moments of "tension", an error, a delay in delivery, a production