NAILY UHF – RFID UHF Tag with nail form

A new RFID tag, NAILY UHF, has been designed and we are glad to announce its availability starting from today.

This tag has been designed together with a spannish partner for the logisitc management of plastic containers containing fruit.
The use of RFID UHF technology allows to speed up processes, avoiding any kind of mistake during the handling of the assets.

RFID UHF nail tag

UHF Naily inserted in a plastic container for logistic purposes

The main features of this tag are the innovative form, which allows the tag to be inserted in a hole previously realized, and the great performance in terms of reading distance (up to 5m).

NAILY UHF is a versatile tag, which can be used in several application, such as:

  1. Plastic containers logistic management
  2. Wood containers tracking
  3. Public green areas maintenance
  4. Control of the location points for forklifts, pallet trucks, etc. (tag needs to be fixed in the floor)

Download pdf datasheet or visit the dedicated web-page!