Fast Prototyping and 3D Render

The need for shape’s customization of an RFID Tag led to propose the Fast Prototyping service that allows the realization of an RFID transponder in less than a month.

Thanks to the continuous need of the product specialization for many necessities, we decided to introduce a new service of Fast Prototyping.

We can plan and design a prototypal version of any transponder with extremely low costs and in less than 30 days.

Here’s a brief description of the operation’s steps that lead to an excellent result.

Description of the needs and discussion about the technology we need to use, reading distances, shape, materials, resilience to external agents for the realization of the RFID transponder.

Component’s design as defined above, through 3D CAD System with the creation of STEP files and realization of a short illustrative video.

Conformity check and possible changes due to observations. Playback of new files.

After STEP files validation, Fast Prototyping with 3D print or, if the materials allow it, through CNC machines (Subtractive Process).

In the end, after the tests done on the prototypes, it’ll be possible to proceed with the industrialization and mass production.


  • Less planning costs
  • Realization speed
  • Certainty of result and possible customizations even after the Fast Prototyping
  • Customizations and exclusive productions.