People traceability – Indoor Position System

BLE Technology, thanks to reading distance up to 100 meters is the best solution for a project of people traceability.

Always more often there is the need of indoor position system for people traceability. There are different environments where this technology can be used: from the traceability of non-self patients in clinics and hospitals, to the traceability of workers in hazardous areas or for people traceability for marketing purpose activating operative stations in automatic way .

About the people traceability, generally are required reading distances up to 100 meters with active transponders  that emit ping rate at regular intervals.
The solution  at this kind of need has been found in  BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, which with fixed readers “Gateway” and thanks to transponders with replaceable battery allow to reach the required reading distances.
Compared to RTLS technology, BLE technology has a “standard” and it’s already available on mobile devices like PDA and Tablet: project can be developed also through the APP.
BLE transponders have different forms: usually, for a people traceability project , are used keychains, badges or watches.