Who we are

Global Tag Srl is a society that was born in order to propose on the international market RFID LF, HF, UHF and NFC transponders and since 2015 also Smart Bluetooth 4.0 transponder ( BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy).

Our history

Our name is Global Tag because since the start we wanted to underline the globality of out proposal about RFID LF, HF, UHF and NFC transponders on the International market.

Nowadays we have clients all over the world from Spain to United Arab Emirates, from USA to Kuwait.

We are part of RFIDGlobal group, a company active on the Italian market and on the RFID world for more than 25 years as a value added distributor of RFID hardware technology ( controller, antennas, transponders).

We want to offer value-added services  about the choice of the right frequency and the right tag. We can design, customize and realize RFID, NFC and BLE transponder tag according the specific needs of the customers. We can realize tag with different materials, different frequency and the most of the RFID and NFC chips.

The difference that allow us to be competitive are the services, the exclusive products and our supply quality thanks to “SERVICE and QUALITY IN ITALY”. In fact the production occurs in the Asiatic countries by selected partners.
The careful control during the production phase and, after, at our stock warehouse (in the Italian seat) allow us to guarantee very high quality standards.

  • All available frequencies
  • Development of customized tag
  • Use of the best materials
  • Many possible customizations
  • Flexibility
  • Advice on the choice of the best transponder