TINY (RFID UHF tags for metal) becomes a family

The RFID UHF (860-960MHz) small-sized transponders that are members of the IN-Metal Tiny family have become seven, developed for IN-Metal and On-Metal  solution.

Thanks to the several available sizes, they can be implemented in many application contexts: from the tracking of surgical instruments to the verification and maintenance of nuts and bolts, to the maintenance of metal components, from the management of the production of iron items to the detection of the asset that are in the company seat to the automatic setting of the machining programs on the industrial installations.

The presentation of the family necessary needs to start from the smallest on-metal tag available on the market that guarantees reading distance up to 50cm: this tag is the Tiny-XXS (3,8×3,8x3mm) that, thanks to its small size, can be placed everywhere.

The series follows with Tiny-XS (4,8×4,8x3mm), Tiny-S (10x5x3mm), Tiny-M (13x13x3mm, the latest tag that has been introduced, with reading distance up to 250cm), Tiny-L (21x17x3mm), Tiny-XL (23x9x3mm). The last is the biggest and the most performing Tiny-XXL that, thanks to 450cm reading distance and size 25x25mm, becomes very interesting, also in the logistic contexts for the mass identification of metal objects.

There are many available customization: from the use of 3M  adhesive to the application of a magnet for an easy application / removal  in order to use the tag several times, from logo printings or serial numbers to the encoding options of the EPC code or User memory.

You can find more information in Global Tag’s web-site, in the dedicated page of Tiny Family