Pool Industriale selects Global Tag

We are glad to communicate that since the begin of 2017 Global tag has been selected by Pool Industriale as qualified suppliers for manufacture companies that  use RFID and BLE technologies, with particular focus to the side “tag transponder”.

Pool Industriale for 40 years selects supplier companies in the different sectors of the B2B in order to offers a complete view of the products and services that are needed for the carrying out of the production and business organization.

With a view to the development of the Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things) is very important, for us, this award for the work we have realized in these years, aimed to guarantee high quality products and services, to extend and improve our products range, that nowadays is composed by more than 300 possible solutions with different operation frequencies (LF 125KHz, HF 13,56MHz e UHF 868-915MHz),  with the possibility, in some case, to mix them.

Thanks tothe agreement with the main players, we have been able to offer 360° RFID, NFC and BLE a 360° solutions, from the Hardware to the Software, in several application contexts.