New range of BLE Beacon

Global Tag has totally renewed the range of Beacon BLE 4.2 tags.

In order to better meet the needs of the market, we have strongly refreshed the range of products beacon “BEACONY BLE”.

Starting from Disk Beacony, we have developped a family, composed by beacon devices, that can satisfy the requirements of the main applications, like:

  • Marketing
  • Objects and assets tracking
  • People tracking and control
  • Vehicle access control
  • Personal protective equipment checking

both in indoor and outdoor environments.

The improvements concern:

  • Increased battery life
  • Easy way to change the battery, thanks to the simple open/close system.
  • Printing customization, even for low volumes
  • Easy way to set the main parametrs of the beacon, using the dedicated APP, available both for IOS and Android
  • Lower cost due to economies of scale
  • Available with sensors (accelerometer, humidity/temperature sensor)
  • High quality materials and nice design

Particularly, the Beacony family is composed by:

DISK BEACONY: Policarbonate disc with simple Open/Close system. It has a foam and adhesive layer on the backside, to allow an easy fixing.

KEYFOB BEACONY: Silicone case, it is a keyfob with nice design: It’s customizable and water resistant.

WALL BEACONY: Designed for marketing and industrial application because of its ductility. The side holes allow an easy application through screws and rivets. Waterproof, it can be used in harsh environments.

WATCHCASE BEACONY: Beacon with wristband form. Thanks to its form, it can be used in hospital environments (choosing disposable watchstrap), or for entertainment/marketing application (choosing the re-usable wristband).

Finally, it is available (on demand, with 500 pcs MOQ) a silicone wristband with special clip, dedicated to applications for people with disabilities or with degenerative diseases.