Chip ICode SLIX2 available

The new chip NXP ICode SLIX2 is available. It’s completely compliant with ICode SLIX chip, but with an increased user memory 2,5Kbit.

Here below an abstract from NXP product datasheet:

The ICODE SLIX2 IC is the newest member of NXP’s SLIX product family. The chip is
fully backwards compatible to SLIX and offers an increased user memory size, along with
new outstanding features and performance:
• NXP originality signature
• Increased speed for Inventory management
• Increased reading range
• Increased robustness against detuning effects
• 2.5 kbit user memory size
• Flexible user memory segmentation with separate access conditions
• Password protected on chip service cycle counter

At the following link you can download the full technical datasheet.

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